Monday, March 31, 2008

Would that be 3 degrees of separation?

1-I'm in Augusta; he was in Augusta
2-He's at Trinity United; Wright was at TU
3-Wright knows Obama.

Forget Kevin Bacon, I'm only 3 degrees away from the New Massiah!! Me, your typical white person...

I'm sure you'll find it no surprise the direction the comments section goes at the Augusta Chronicle page for this story. But check out the newspaper's site a bit. You'd be amazed. My fellow Augustans can read a story about installing street signs and show how the project is just another racist undertaking.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ooh! Ooh!

New meme!

California weighs in. As usual, their input not needed.

via Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web Today:

"Body Piercing: Don't Get Stuck With a Toxic Stud"
If you, or your beloved offspring, are determined to pierce, California offers a comprehensive list (.pdf) of what's safe. Think surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium, niobium, gold that's 14 karat or higher, solid platinum, or dense synthetics such as Teflon (PTFE). Sterling silver, nickel, and other metals often used in inexpensive jewelry won't do because they can spark allergic reactions.
If you're the typical instant gratification type we seem to be breeding in this country, it's already too late to take CA's advice because you won't read this article anyway, and didn't think about the kind of shop you chose in which to have your work done.
If you're a *responsible* person who understands that ALL actions and choices could have consequences, then you don't need CA's advice because you already did (or will do) your research, and know to select a shop that takes their profession very seriously. You will already know that things like surgical-grade stainless steel, titanium and niobium are what to look for, and your shop won't carry gear made of sterling, or nickel, or anything that's not in the 'recommended' list above. (and you'll know about their autoclave sterility certificate, their health dept. inspection report, and their general "clean room" practices also; things this article didn't even mention).
Thanks California; as with all Nanny state actors, you are irrelevant, self-aggrandizing, and wasting your taxpayers time and money.

"Go forth children, and decorate (intelligently). "

The body is a temple. Have you ever seen an unadorned temple? ;-) (source of quote unremembered, sorry)

Uber-link for Body Modification: BME-zine
~Body Modification E-zine covers ALL aspects of body modification. Step lightly if there are things you do not want to see or know about. Because it's ALL there. You should be able to only expose yourself to the things you want to research, however.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What media bias? Part the umpteenth

Yet more proof that the media is biased against Republicans:
The list of examples goes on, but the bottom line is that in the early days of their scandals, Vitter and Craig were labeled as Republicans on every broadcast news program — 100% — that mentioned their wrongdoing. For Democrat Spitzer, four out of five news programs (80%) have skipped his label. On NBC’s Today and Nightly News through Wednesday night, reporters never once acknowledged that Spitzer was a Democrat.
Of course, it should come as no surprise given the results of a survey of journalists and news executives:
Only six percent said they considered themselves conservatives and only two percent said they were very conservative. This compares with 36 percent of the overall population that describes itself as conservative. Most journalists, 53 percent, said they're moderate. 24 percent said they were liberal and eight percent very liberal.
And yet there are people out there who are shocked, shocked! that conservatives don't trust the media.

H/T Mike Hendrix

You'll get your trial by fire in two weeks

That's what my colleague said to me today. You see, my wife and I moved here to Augusta, GA last October (from WA state).

What happens in Augusta in the beginning of April?
Some highlights:
~Locals describe the town at that time as a Zoo.
~Many residents plan their vacation for that week in order to be out of town.
~"Don't go out to eat that week; all the restaurants raise their prices" they said.
~"In the next few days, when you see a sign that says 'Golf Traffic' that's a road to avoid during that week." they told me.
~"My landlord is paying us all $1000 each to be out of our apartments that week" a friend says. (Leaving behind 2 beds, dressers and some sheets is required).

Luckily, we live on the southside, and our workplaces are on the northwest side. The course is on the east side, near the Savannah river. Hopefully it will be 'less bad' in the areas we'll mostly be.
He's right though I guess; We'll get our trial by fire in two weeks!

Hillary Clinton: 'Democrat Party un-American'

Well, not in so many words, but...
So tell me, why are you even in a party whose rules you don't believe in?
Oh wait, I forgot the code-wording:
When a Democrat says un-American, they mean 'against the beliefs of the Democratic party'. When a Democrat says un-American about Democrats, they mean 'against the beliefs of ME'. There, now I've set myself straight on that one.

Really, what else could Obama have done?

So Obama's pastor of 20 years finds out what it's like to live in the age of video. There's a lot of commentary out there on Obama's speech this week, 'answering' for why he's been a member of this church and exposed his family to this Anti-American and racist belief for so many years, and why he looks up to Wright as his spiritual mentor.
Of course, what he *should* have done (and what would have been expected-nay, demanded- of anyone else) was to firmly repudiate the repugnant ideas that Wright is now on record as spewing forth, and indicated he would be severing all ties with a man who would believe as Wright does.
But, Obama can't. To do that is to admit that Obama has absolutely no judgment as a politician who purports to appeal to all Americans. Heck, it's to admit that he himself is not a mainstream American (oh wait, we knew that already). To do that is to end his candidacy, right here. To do that is to quickly commit political suicide as far as being any kind of mainstream candidate goes. It is to admit that he really had no problem at all with Wright's views for twenty years, still doesn't, but will pay lip-service to americans by sacrificing his 'spiritual mentor' on the altar of his candidacy (no pun really intended, but incidentally 'sacrificing on the altar' imparts a strong religious tone to whatever endeavor we're talking about, and many others besides me have asserted that Obamania is as much a religion as a candidacy).
His only choice, really, was to play the shell game he played in his speech. Trot out a bunch of feel good, 'post-racial' racial discussion, act all concerned and 'adult' about the composition of America, and offer analysis about the current state of mind of Americans (or at least offer his best guess). (Oh, and throw his grandmother under the bus; Hi Grams! Comfy under there?) All the while hoping that nobody notices that he didn't do the only thing that would, that could, put this controversy to rest.
Unfortunately, despite what Michelle Obama might say about the intelligence of people who are involved in the political process, including the voters, Americans are not stupid, not ignorant, and not going to fall for the shell game. Well, maybe a bunch of democrats will, but then again, I'm talking about the folks who are as in thrall to Obama as the Rajneeshi were to their Baghwan.
Obama's candidacy for POTUS is dead. But dead as in the Hunt for Red October sense: "You arrogant ass, you've killed us!" Dead as in the torpedo he launched at himself (20 years ago) hasn't hit his submarine yet, but it's incoming and can't be dodged.

Hey, on a related note, this article makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Schadenfreude; Me? Nah... Hehe.
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