Thursday, March 12, 2009

About our new Lord and Messiah...

In my daily perusal of Stacy McCain's blog, he mentions this blog, by Cynthia Yockey. In reading that blog tonight, I came across a couple articles that explain Barack Obama pretty well, and also give some insight into why so many people are drinking his Kool-aid.

Don't do what I did, and ask questions in the comments of the follow-up post, only to read the root post and have your question answered. Oops.

Here's the more recent of the two posts: "The chilling explanation of why Obama is Cool," prompting me to comment after reading it:
How do you get the duped to wake up and recognize the sociopathology they’ve been suckered by?
Here's the original post: "Understanding Obama."

In it, she answers my question...
The best thing to do is educate everyone possible about what he is and how to resist him — OMG, especially members of Congress and the press — thwart him at every turn and then get him out of office as soon as possible. Sooner is better.
She also writes in her comment section of that original post:
Please help me educate as many people as possible by e-mailing your friends to ask them to read my posts on Obama’s sociopathy. Yes, I know it’s traffic for me, but the more people who understand Obama the more everyone will know not to take the bait he puts out because it ALWAYS has a hidden hook.
So, asked and answered. And here I am, taking her very sound advice.

Click here!!

and then,

Click here!!

Small update: I'm adding a new label to my blog. Sociopath-in-Chief.

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