Friday, March 20, 2009

Silver lining? Well, aluminum lining maybe?

or, Pining for the 'Good New Days'

So, just scroll down a bit and read some of my recent articles. Hit up my blog grand-father. Check out some links off The Blogfather. You know things are going crazy with this administration, and things that current 'lawmakers' have been doing for decades are coming to fruition (in the sense of deadly nightshade in bloom, that is. I know, it's not quite a fruit...gimme slack).
Yeah, it's making my head spin, and yeah, I feel like I'm going to drown off the vomit that is always hovering right at the back of my throat.
But sometimes, I read the subtext of some of the articles and I feel that the hubris and overreaching is so overwhelmingly bald-faced that maybe the pendulum will swing back. Swing back fast, and swing back -hard-.
Wouldn't it be nice if in 2010 the buzzword after a sweeping Republican wave of victory is "it'll be a long time before we let those guys get their hands on the power to do that to America again." And then in 2012 the same refrain is repeated and upheld as we swear in President Palin? It would sure be nice if 'liberal' and 'Democrat' became dirty words in America for a while, rather than 'conservative' and 'Republican.'
Perhaps that's the silver lining to all this. The sooner we get this orgy of destruction over with (because it IS going to happen), the sooner we can start cleaning up the aftermath get our heads back on straight again, and rebuild.
Of course, spend a few minutes over at this site, and the silver in the cloud starts getting obscured again...

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