Monday, March 16, 2009

What do -I- think about this AIG stuff?

I think it's time to stop here for a moment and tell you about my perspective on the whole AIG bonuses thing.

Frankly, I -am- outraged. But my outrage goes way back before this.

I personally don't blame AIG at all for this.
The only reason anybody at AIG still has a job, and is therefore in a position to get a bonus at all, is because our Nanny State, thieving, bloated government stepped in and stopped the process of natural selection. If the government had just stayed out of this, like should have been the case from the beginning, AIG would be gone now, and taxpayer money wouldn't be involved.
By handing over a huge chunk of (stolen!) cash to AIG, the government told AIG that instead of folding, they would still be a going concern.
Well guess what? Going concerns conduct their business!!!
Going concerns pay off their debts.
Going concerns meet their contractual obligations.
Going concerns give the bonuses to the people they owed bonuses to.

Yeah, nobody should be getting bonuses. The firm should be GONE.

Yeah, I'm outraged. But it's not at AIG. I'm outraged at our government for all of this.

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