Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zero Hour. or: Sitemeter is evil

Stacy McCain warned me. (this graf is buried in the rule 2 section of the post...)
Every beginning blogger confronts the Zero Hour. You've been blogging steadily for a week or two, sending around e-mails, trackbacking where you can, trying to develop some kind of regular traffic. And then, late one night, you think you might have finally composed your first Instalanche-worthy post and you e-mail it to Glenn Reynolds. You go to bed like a 7-year-old kid on Christmas Eve, then wake up at 4 a.m. and check your Site Meter to discover that your latest hourly traffic is . . . ZERO.

At which point, you want to swallow a handful of sedatives, wash it down with a quart of bleach, slit your wrists and stick your head in the oven. You are a complete and utter failure.
Clever S. Logan hinted at it too:
Where were we? Oh, yes, blogs as babies. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the two are similar in every way. Just most every way. Once you begin blogging, you enter a veritable time warp (they grow up so fast!), then there are the necessary (checks clock) 5:34 a.m. feedings postings, and last but not least the joy you receive from watching it grow. And, by "grow," I mean habitually checking your Site Meter and announcing to no one in particular—because the room is empty—“Whoo-hoo! Two more pageviews ... Oh, wait, I think those were from me.”
(Although, for the record, setting sitemeter to ignore my own visits is the first thing I did. The only thing worse than getting no hits at all would be to realize that all the hits I'm getting were only me. )

But I thought I wouldn't succumb to it. I know I don't get read. I only added the sitemeter account to explore the technology that was being talked about.

But now I've experienced Zero Hour. Makes me a little trembly...
Fortunately, having already read about it, and how to press through it, I'm doing (mostly) okay.

And, whoever it is out there in Shawnee, Kansas that has checked back in here three days in a row; Thank You! I'll have something new up for you in just a few minutes.

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